Since Apr 2012

Brenda Rivera

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About Me

I have a new passion which is Zumba® fitness! I started taking Zumba classes for the first time in 2010 and fell in love with it. Being Puerto Rican and growing up with the salsa music in my soul, this is the perfect fit.

Zumba® Fitness bring so much joy to so many people that didn't think they could work out.  Zumba® Fitness is for everyone and that's what makes it such a great workout. No dance experience needed - all you have to bring is your readiness to party and have a great time  and you still are burning the calories and getting a great cardio workout. I know it works because I have lost over 50lbs doing it. My goal is to inspire others that you can be in good shape and have a great time doing it.

I believe in giving back and inspiring others as well as paying it forward. I am blessed in having a wonderful mentor who continues to inspire me and help me become the best Zumba instructor I can be.

I want to thank  all of those who took time to show me the ropes, give me opportunities to teach at their locations and eventually land the teaching jobs I have now. My Zumba family is amazing and continues to give back to the communities.  Please check out my events page for all the great Zumba® events happening in Central Texas! 

Now go Ditch the workout and join the party!